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Why Hair Fall Shouldn’t Worry You Any More

29 Nov 19 - 04:31

Hair, hair everywhere, yet not a strand to see - on my head! Soon, this will be a common refrain among people of all ages and genders. Men and women the world over are facing hair fall issues and not only does this cause immense psychological pain to them, it also leads to the loss of thousands upon thousands of those hard-earned dollars I hair treatments and related products.

Sites galore

A simple search like ‘how to prevent hair fall for female’ would lead you to numerous sites that w...
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Knowing the Salient Aspects of Postpartum Hair Loss

19 Oct 19 - 06:48

Hormones can have a significant effect on various functions of your body, including hair growth. In fact, the majority of women who complain of hair loss after childbirth are actually victims of hormonal imbalance.

Role of hormones

Throughout the course of pregnancy and till the child is born, every woman experiences a surge in the production of hormones. The elevated levels of hormones are the reason behind healthy hair growth during pregnancy.
On the other hand, ladies are bound to ...
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Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker: Ingredients That Make It a Powerful Product

24 Aug 19 - 08:13

If you wish to get rid of the nightmare called hair loss, you must turn towards Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker. It addresses multiple causes of hair loss viz; imbalanced diet, bacteria, fungus, stress, and more.
The product claims that it can help you regrow hair, if you use it continuously for 120 days. You must use the formula twice or thrice a week and refrain from using any other formula during this time.
Have faith in the formula and be consistent in its usage, say hair experts....
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Non-Oily Oil Treatment For Thinning Hair

10 Oct 17 - 04:18

Are your hair thinning? Are your hair dry too? Then, you need a multiple-benefit product that moisturizes hair without making them look oily. Often, thinning hair become limp when you apply oil to them. So, you need something that is non-oily, yet works like oil.

Keranique Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist is a fine product for thinning hair. It contains a mixture of African oils that are known to nourish hair from roots. The oily formula comes in spray form.

About the product

The oil t...
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Keranique: Impressive Features and Functions

28 Jun 17 - 04:27

Those dedicated to caring for their tresses can hardly miss using Keranique. This is a star in the world of hair care. It gives a new dimension to hair care. Most of the times, we get too carried away with fancy products to care for hair health. We are more obsessed with hair appearance. So, we continue to use products that, no doubt, increase hair attractiveness, but are too superficial to penetrate hair roots and fix the actual problem.

This is where Keranique’s products beg to differ.
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Stop All Hair Loss Treatments Now!

12 Jun 17 - 03:49

It is time to put a stop to useless hair treatments.

Expert recommendation: Use Keranique.

Reason: It uses FDA-approved minoxidil, which is established to contain hair-growing property.

What does research say?

Research shows that minoxidil stops hair loss. A majority of women report that it encourages hair growth, as they find their manes getting fuller and healthier after a few months of regular usage of this treatment.

Experiments have been conducted and it is found that this...
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Keranique Can Avert Hair Disaster: Experts

24 Apr 17 - 03:22

One of the most devastating things that can happen on the planet is hair loss on female scalp. Men can still tolerate and embrace their baldness with grace; but women cannot. Although women do not go bald, they still want lush and shiny hair. Of course, men, too, find it depressive to lose hair; but then it is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so their reactions to the same situation can be really different.

How Keranique fits into the scene
  • First, this hair ...
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Making Waves (In the Best Possible Way)

03 Mar 17 - 01:45

Making Waves (In the Best Possible Way)
Taming Your Wavy Hair Can Be as Easy as a Day at the Beach

Wavy hair: the best of both worlds? It depends on how you’re treating your tresses. Wavy hair can be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, wavy hair tends to hold curl well, is easy to straighten, and is flexible enough for many lengths and styles—short, long, up, and down. And, who doesn’t adore beachy waves? On the other hand, however, it can often lack volume, and it never f...
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Keranique Reviews – Offering Women Proven Products to Rejuvenate Thinning Hair

28 Jul 16 - 01:28

Every woman’s idea of good hair is thick, shiny, smooth, and soft tresses that are easy to manage and style. However, very few women are blessed with naturally thick, voluminous, and lustrous hair that looks great whether left loose or set in a sophisticated style. These women enjoy experimenting with different cuts and styles that will accentuate their looks and earn them compliments and appreciative looks wherever they go.

However, there is also a large number of women who simply do no...
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Keranique Customer Service Reveals More About The Brand

11 Jul 16 - 02:48

Hair are delicate structures that demand constant care and gentle handling. However, busy schedules of modern women fail to give them enough time to take proper care of their tresses. As a consequence, they suffer either from premature hair aging, or hair damage. The former leads to hair thinning and graying. The latter may give you lackluster, rough hair that make you want to chop them.

Keranique – the hair savior

According to Keranique reviews, the brand has infused hope in millions...
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