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Stop All Hair Loss Treatments Now!

12 Jun 17 - 03:49

It is time to put a stop to useless hair treatments.

Expert recommendation: Use Keranique.

Reason: It uses FDA-approved minoxidil, which is established to contain hair-growing property.

What does research say?

Research shows that minoxidil stops hair loss. A majority of women report that it encourages hair growth, as they find their manes getting fuller and healthier after a few months of regular usage of this treatment.

Experiments have been conducted and it is found that this anti-hypertension drug truly stimulates follicles to produce newer and healthier hair. However, results vary in people. If one lady experiences lush hair growth, another one may experience only moderate growth.

The common result that every user notices: Hair health and volume improve and hair loss stops.

Keranique is a non-invasive procedure. Its treatment involves the use of serum that contains 2 per cent minoxidil as the active ingredient. This is a topical treatment.

  • Make sure your scalp is clean before you use the serum. Clean scalp ensures better absorption of formulation.
  • After applying the serum, blend it gently on scalp with fingers.
  • Do not apply more than 1 ml of the formula at one time. Use only two times a day.
  • You must wash hands thoroughly after using this formula.
  • Wash your forehead or temples immediately, in case the serum drips to skin.
  • This treatment is for adult females only.
  • This is not for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding ladies.

Keranique’s hair regrowth system also contains shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. When you order the system online you get a chance to win gifts like Hair Detangling Tool and Hair Defense Brush.

Expert viewpoint: The treatment reflects progressive hair care technology. It is safer and more reliable, as specialists have involved the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its testing and approval.

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