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Non-Oily Oil Treatment For Thinning Hair

10 Oct 17 - 04:18

Are your hair thinning? Are your hair dry too? Then, you need a multiple-benefit product that moisturizes hair without making them look oily. Often, thinning hair become limp when you apply oil to them. So, you need something that is non-oily, yet works like oil.

Keranique Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist is a fine product for thinning hair. It contains a mixture of African oils that are known to nourish hair from roots. The oily formula comes in spray form.

About the product

The oil treatment from Keranique is meant to add instant moisture and glossiness to tresses. The oil treatment is non-oily in nature, yet gives a perfect oil treatment that keeps hair soft and moisturized without weighing them down.

The blend of Marula, Mongongo, and Cyperus oils forms a thin film of moisture on hair strands. This keeps hair well conditioned and hydrated. Hair treated with this oil spray appear glossy and soft.

How to apply

There are two ways to use Keranique Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist:
  • Apply the spray on freshly-shampooed hair when they are slightly damp. Then blow dry them and style them in a hairdo.
  • Apply the spray after blow drying hair. This one is more useful for frizzy hair and to give your tresses added shine.

It is advisable to apply oil treatment on clean scalp and hair; otherwise dirt and excess oil of unwashed hair can mix with the oil treatment and clog follicles.

Qualities you will love

The oil treatment is extremely light in weight and offers multiple benefits. It revitalizes hair roots, adds glossiness to tresses, “tames” fly-away strands, and transforms rough, straw-like hair into smooth, soft hair.

Use the oil treatment in combination with Keranique shampoo & hair products for complete rejuvenation of hair and scalp. Your hair will love the sheer pamper.

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