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Keranique: True Hair Care Starts With the Right Shampoo

08 Feb 16 - 00:28

Shampoo is a basic hair care product. It determines how your tresses will react to conditioners, styling products and tools, and to different climates and conditions. Hair gone wild are like rebels. If you wish to tame them, you must give them what they want … and they want pampering. Keranique is known to pamper hair.

Start with the basics

Use sulfate free shampoo, advise experts. They have a non-drying effect on hair. Keranique shampoo is said to be free of sulfates. According to studies, sulfates suck up moisture from hair, rendering them rough and dry. Over time, they rob hair of their vitality. Your hair appears rough and lusterless.

The problem of hair dryness gets aggravated in winter. You need special care to keep your tresses shiny and hydrated. Dry hair cannot shine.

Keranique’s shampoo, with its nourishing elements and balanced pH level, revitalizes scalp. The product helps to preserve essential oils of scalp. This plays a vital role in keeping hair well moisturized. The shampoo layers your strands with keratin coat, which seals moisture in the hair shaft. This also contributes to adding volume to the hair, as the coat adds fullness.

Keranique collection is vast. Contact its customer service to know in detail about each product.

Water plays an important role in hair health

Water affects hair quality. Hard water contains minerals that form a deposit on scalp over time. This may choke follicles and also affect strand quality. Mineral-heavy water may make your tresses dry, brittle, coarse, and without body. Soft water contains fewer minerals like calcium.

According to Keranique customer service officials, the brand’s shampoo helps to remove deposits on scalp and render a thorough cleansing. It rejuvenates the scalp. You would be surprised to see a drastic change in hair quality and behavior with a change in shampoo.

Your dream of getting soft, silky, shiny hair begins with the use of right shampoo. A wrong one can be a disaster.

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