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Keranique Risk Free Trial and The Importance of Vitamins for Your Hair

22 Jun 16 - 01:02

Hair loss can cause distress in women because they set a great value on their appearance. While talent and good will count for a lot, women would still want to have ravishing tresses, and loss of hair would not be taken lightly. That is why with options such as Keranique risk free trial where you get to try hair-loss products risk free for a month, you can look for ways to rejuvenate hair and bring back its lost glory.
The Keranique risk free trial will give you access to the range of Keranique products that have created such a flutter among women looking for the best hair-loss solution. Additionally, you might also want to have Keranique for hair care handy if you feel your hair is less than healthy, tends to break easily, is brittle, or has been exposed too frequently to UV rays.

In addition to using these products, a few other practices would help your hair grow thick and strong. You might not have paid attention to your diet, which could have lead to weakening of hair strands. Your hair especially needs proteins and minerals for healthy growth.
Vitamins and minerals for hair-

Here are some sources of vitamins that you need to include in your diet for healthy hair –

Vitamin C- berries, tomatoes, papayas, oranges, lemons, and bell peppers are rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin B7 – found in carrots, nuts, egg yolk, sprouted legumes, and cashew nuts.
Vitamin B3 – chicken, eggs, whole grain cereals, mushrooms, and potatoes.
It is not difficult to have a balanced diet because most sources of the important nutrients can be found at your local grocery store. You would also need to ensure that your protein intake is sufficient by eating protein rich foods such as egg white, legumes, soy, and lean meat.

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