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Keranique For Rough Hair

13 Aug 15 - 06:05

Smooth soft shiny hair is every woman's dream. Unfortunately, due to the adverse conditions existing in the world, and also, due to some flawed lifestyles, or disease, hair might lose its softness and sheen all too easily. Lucky is the woman in today's world who can boast naturally shiny, soft, thick hair! Far too common is the problem of hair loss, caused by the accumulation of damage that the cuticle undergoes during the growth cycle.
Damage over the years

When the hair strand is new, the cuticle is shiny. Microscopic examination of the strands would reveal that the smooth-to-touch feeling is not your imagination. New, undamaged hair cuticle actually does have a smooth surface, when compared to rough, damaged hair. The damage is caused by exposure to UV rays, harmful chemicals, and surprisingly, even some products designed for hair care.

The solution

Not surprisingly, women are choosing to buy Keranique for hair care, in the hopes that they will now be able to say goodbye to damaged hair.  Rough hair tends to be brittle and also, tangle-prone. Science explains why. The hair cuticle, composed of microscopic layers, tends to lose the smooth texture once these super tiny plates lose their alignment. This results in the tendency for hair to tangle, since now the plates start becoming enmeshed with plates of neighboring hair strands.
The Keranique hair regrowth kit contains a hair regrowth solution, that helps you deal with the problem of thinning hair. But what about the dry, brittle, tangle prone hair that feels rough to touch? You might like to use the Keranique shampoo, which will protect the cuticle of your hair against external UV damage. If that’s not enough, you might also want to use the Keranique conditioner, which helps improve texture and volume of hair. If you are ready to buy Keranique for hair care, do sign up for a risk free trial at

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