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Fuller Looking Hair: It Starts With the Right Shampoo

11 Jun 15 - 02:29

Whenever your hair feels greasy, you simply go under the shower and give them a good wash with your favorite shampoo. Have you ever read the ingredients on the label of this shampoo? Are you sure this shampoo is right for your hair?

On one hand, women desire fuller looking hair; on the other hand, they hardly bother to even know what their shampoo contains. If you seriously care for your tresses, you must be choosy about what you feed your scalp and apply on hair.

Your hair is what you feed them
According to hair experts, shampoo should be gentle and preserve the essential oils of the scalp. Only then can it give you well moisturized and soft hair. Also, the shampoo mustn’t contain heavy moisturizers that weigh down your hair.

Sulfate-laden shampoos are a strict no, if you desire high quality hair, say hair experts. It is proven that sulfates are skin and scalp irritants. Scientists also suspect them to be carcinogenic. According to experts, sulfates remove every last drop of essential oils and leave your scalp and hair rough and dry. That’s the reason women often feel itchiness or flakiness on their scalp after washing hair with local shampoos.

Sulfate-free shampoo
This is the ultimate product to have for your hair, say trichologists. Such a shampoo is pH balanced too.

Shampoos devoid of sulfates contain mild cleansing agents. Shampoos from reputable brands like Keranique are fortified with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish scalp and check aging of hair. It also adds volume to hair through their keratin substance.

You need not carry out complicated procedures to get fuller looking hair. Just a change in hair care products can do the trick.

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