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Keranique Is Worth a Try: Say Reviews

17 Feb 14 - 23:04

Keranique is a brand whose reviews are fabulous. You would be surprised to know that this humble hair care brand has become a matter of pride for women who own it. The entire collection is available on the Internet. The easy accessibility to the whole range of products is a significant factor in its success.


Keranique’s hair care formulation is tested in labs and created by a team of experts. It is a sulfate-free formulation, especially meant for thinning hair in women. The formula works on all types of hair.

Keranique’s collection also contains a hair regrowth treatment, which uses a clinically proven ingredient called minoxidil. According to reports, minoxidil is basically a medical compound used to treat hypertension. When doctors discovered its hair-growing property, it became a golden opportunity for the cosmetic world to make the most of this compound.

Keranique uses minoxidil, and reviews say that this step has been successful. The hair regrowth treatment of this brand has received amazing feedback from users. This indicates that the treatment works.

The collection

Besides the treatment, Keranique’s collection contains basic hair care products, styling products, and a serum to boost follicles. The entire range of products gives women a refreshing approach to hair care. According to Keranique experts and the brand’s reviews, this brand is here to stay.

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